Forget What You Know About ITIL

A colleague recently began his journey to ITIL v3.0 Intermediate Level certification. While he passed the first exam, his score echoed a plight that I have witnessed time and again. He scored lowest on the process with which he was most familiar. Consider this scenario. A business has the need to build structure around IT… Read More »

Service Management Tools and the “Out-of-Box” Myth

The Service Management tools available in today’s market are vastly superior in performance, capability, flexibility and manageability when compared to the monolithic beasts of yesteryear. And, while the tools are different in the ways that they deliver, there is a common goal among sales people: to convince you that their tool is going to be… Read More »

Reporting Databases Reduce Production Strain

Your end users complain that your application is getting slow. Your DBA wants you to get your disk and CPU usage under control. Your transactions are fast, but your reports take longer to run than continental drift. Your developers think that sifting through your application’s database is like exploring the human genome. If any of… Read More »